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Teaching outside

My buddy Steve hired me to work some weekend programs for kids. One of my favourite things is coming up with fun and exciting ways to wake them up in the a.m., because we take away their watches. Steve dressed up as a dragonfly with a fox tail, and me as a bear with moose antlers. Both our costumes were home made! Steve
Played guitar while I danced in the twilight, and I think it set the tone just right for the rest of our wilderness adventure. Steve turned to me on the first morning and said:” how could they be expecting this?” Exactly. That’s the whole point! Act in a way that blurs the boundary between kid behaviour and adult behaviour, to show that adults can and still do play. I love my job!



Hobo Stoves

These are the cooking stoves we used on a survival trip we took our teen students. As you can see, my friend Chris is passed out, and I’m keeping warm. But hell do they work!

Here are the general instructions:

you take a large can, and cut in 6 holes, 3 on the bottom half of the cylinder, 3 on the top half. Between the bottom half and the top half, you place a screen that’s shaped to fit the inside of the cylinder. Punch a couple holes into the can near this mesh and tie the mesh in with wire, so that it’s laying flat, paralleling the bottom of the can. This will keep the mesh in place, as you will be burning the wood in the top half on the can, allowing for air to enter through the bottom. Make a tripod and hang your pot from it!

All you need now are small sticks, and there you go! A supreme cooking fire. (Picture my Marissa)


hows it going, folks?

Here I am, sitting in Les Schwab while my friend Michelle gets her car fixed, eating stale popcorn and old coffee. Feels good to be home, hanging out with my home girl. This isn’t usually what days are like here in Washington state, where I was a student for two years, and have now returned to for a visit. These past few weeks have been hella fun– from shooting bows, flint knapping, learning to shoot a .22, trailing a family of cougars, and catching fish and various aquatic insects with 5-10 year olds. Yep, thats more like it.
But, if you’re like me, a country girl (or boy) stuck in a city life, there are things you can do to bring that country feel back. In this blog, I will outline my adventures as a student of anthropology in Montreal, QC, an urban naturalist, survivalist, and mentor. I will share with you recipes, ideas, cool facts, and general nature info you may enjoy, and that may just brighten your day. Some things might be shocking, like processing road kill for food or dumpstering delicious fruits and veggies, and some things may remind you of your grandma, like knitting projects and jam making. I guarantee that I am neither an extremist, nor an old lady. I’m just a girl whose passionate about self sufficiency.

hope you join me on my quest!