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Fun With Food

I hate the saying: “Don’t play with your food”. If food can’t be fun, then whats the point? I always encourage my students to have fun with everything they’re doing. This includes chugging competitions ( a great way to get kids to drink water), handless jello eating competitions, and, my favourite one so far, encasing bow drill kits in jello, getting my students to get them out without their hands, and then having them make coals out of it. Woohoo! I love getting tasty and nutritious food into bodies, in a memory forming way.

(Photo by Suzy Wimbourne)


Giving Thanks

Once, a few years ago, I dreamt I was a hired belly dancer/magician for my friend Pam’s wedding. My job was to make an evergreen tree grow. As the crowd made a circle around the tree, and I tried to make it grow, I failed over and over again. Then I remembered to give thanks. As I began to give thanks out loud in front of the whole group, the tree began to grow, its branches covering all those who surrounded the tree.

Giving thanks is an incredible mentoring technique. I use it with all the groups I teach. Even if my students never return to the woods, they might have gained an understanding as to how lucky they are to have a roof over their head and a bed to sleep on. Walking with a sense of thankfulness also helps me live in an upright way. How can I be upset or angry, when there’s so much abundance around?

So, in the spirit, I feel thankful for all the wonderful mentors in the world, for my ancestors, and for the future generations. I’m thankful for all the things, seen and unseen, that support me, and that great mystery that teaches me what questions to ask, everyday.

hows it going, folks?

Here I am, sitting in Les Schwab while my friend Michelle gets her car fixed, eating stale popcorn and old coffee. Feels good to be home, hanging out with my home girl. This isn’t usually what days are like here in Washington state, where I was a student for two years, and have now returned to for a visit. These past few weeks have been hella fun– from shooting bows, flint knapping, learning to shoot a .22, trailing a family of cougars, and catching fish and various aquatic insects with 5-10 year olds. Yep, thats more like it.
But, if you’re like me, a country girl (or boy) stuck in a city life, there are things you can do to bring that country feel back. In this blog, I will outline my adventures as a student of anthropology in Montreal, QC, an urban naturalist, survivalist, and mentor. I will share with you recipes, ideas, cool facts, and general nature info you may enjoy, and that may just brighten your day. Some things might be shocking, like processing road kill for food or dumpstering delicious fruits and veggies, and some things may remind you of your grandma, like knitting projects and jam making. I guarantee that I am neither an extremist, nor an old lady. I’m just a girl whose passionate about self sufficiency.

hope you join me on my quest!