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I get to work teaching canoeing. One of the small wonders of this job is spending time connecting with the animals that have left a shadow of their souls in the footprints they leave on the beach.
Two of my favourites: the elusive mustelid, the mink, whose slinky body and webbed feet adorn sand as it goes foraging for fish and small rodents. second, the muskrats, whose tracks remained a mystery to me for years, with their special halo of hair on their bare feet to help with swimming. These two share in a predator/prey relationship, both have beautiful pelts, and both leave me excited when I leave my tracks alongside theirs.





You Gotta Love Community

These are my friends and I celebrating my nephews 12th birthday. Charlie carried me and the little ones on his back for most of the evening. It was mad fun. We had chilli, pie, and a dip in the lake. Here’s to birthdays!¬†And to adopted family!