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Teaching outside

My buddy Steve hired me to work some weekend programs for kids. One of my favourite things is coming up with fun and exciting ways to wake them up in the a.m., because we take away their watches. Steve dressed up as a dragonfly with a fox tail, and me as a bear with moose antlers. Both our costumes were home made! Steve
Played guitar while I danced in the twilight, and I think it set the tone just right for the rest of our wilderness adventure. Steve turned to me on the first morning and said:” how could they be expecting this?” Exactly. That’s the whole point! Act in a way that blurs the boundary between kid behaviour and adult behaviour, to show that adults can and still do play. I love my job!



Play Dough

Not just for kids. It’s really fun to make home made play dough and then do some sculpture. And you can make it with things already in your pantry!

1 part flour

1 part water

1/2 part salt

drop of oil

heat in a pot at low heat and mix until its at play dough consistency. Let cool, add food coloring, and model away!

Bronze Age Folks Ate Nettle Stew Whaaaat?

Cool new archeological excavation found that bronze age families sat down for a delicious bowl of stinging nettle stew.

check out the article here!

Stinging nettle is highly nutrition, and useful. You can use fibres in the stalk to twist rope.

You can also eat the young leaves during the springtime, by drying them or cooking them to get rid of the hairs. It’s a plant incredibly high in iron, so really good for ya! It also helps clean up your blood in the spring time.

In the fall, after the plant has gone to seed, you can gather the leaves, which will be high in silica, and make tea that you can use as a conditioner.

And even better, it grows in every roadside ditch and in riparian areas.


Delicious Lip Gloss/Balm

1 cup of extra virgin organic olive oil

3 ounces of beeswax

1 teaspoon of honey


heat oil in a pan on low. when warm (NOT boiled), add beeswax and honey, and mix until everything is melted. Pour into containers. It makes amazing gifts!

Hanging Out with my Niece

Today my beautiful ten year old niece, Abigail, came over for some girl time. And boy did we have it! Her and I had a great time making all kinds of things: deodorant, lip gloss, calendula salve, and sauerkraut. We made our own labels, and both had a ton of fun.

(Recipes soon to come!)

Abby mixing the Deodorant

Abby smashing the cabbage for Kraut (Manual labor is good for the young mind!)

And the finished product!!!