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Fusion knitting

My sweetie is a surfer and I figured I would make him some warm surf gear for when he hits the waves on the chilly west coast. So I knit him this. I sewed a button so that the scarf can stay all tied up while he’s warming up. Originally, it was a deer phalange, but Jax the dog somehow managed to removed the sewn on button and eat it without harming the scarf. So I sawed off a piece of antler, drilled a couple of holes into it, et voila!




This is a picture of the beautiful spoon my friend Charlie made me for my 21st birthday. I think its the loveliest thing anybody has ever given me. He carved it out of a piece of yew, then boiled it in oil to give it that dark colour. I’ve been afraid to use it, but today I ate my first meal with it, after much pressure from Charlie, who insists that a spoon is to be used, not hung on the wall.