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Fusion knitting

My sweetie is a surfer and I figured I would make him some warm surf gear for when he hits the waves on the chilly west coast. So I knit him this. I sewed a button so that the scarf can stay all tied up while he’s warming up. Originally, it was a deer phalange, but Jax the dog somehow managed to removed the sewn on button and eat it without harming the scarf. So I sawed off a piece of antler, drilled a couple of holes into it, et voila!



Getting tanned

Here is a picture of hides tanned over the summer using natural methods and soap and oil in replacement of brains. It took a long ass time but was most definitely worth it, because I will be making a full outfit (dress, pants, underwear and shoes). I still have a couple more to do, but will freeze tan them. More to come on that



Ah, how the truth comes from the mouth of babes!

True story:

Picture in your mind a car full of people, 2 little ones, and 3 adults. The mom, driving the car, pulls over in order to let a passenger investigate a roadkill. At first, we don’t know what animal is lying there on the road. We finally figure out it’s a very old deer. After hearing this, the 7 year old girl, sporting long ¬†hair, a fully pink outfit, platform flip flops, and who had just been talking to me about going to get a manicure, stands up and yells: “COOL! Mommy, can we EAT it?!?!”

You got to love nature connected kids, dontcha?