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Eating Good Fats

Here is the food pyramid that I abide by. As you can see, a majority of this pyramid is dedicated to delicious, and nutritious fats. This is because fat is incredibly important to your body! Indeed, eating fats from animals provides our body with nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that are not easily absorbed from plants. Also, it helps us better absorb plant nutrients.

Furthermore, eating fats keep you full longer because its so nutrient rich, and thus keeps your from eating foods that aren’t so good for you. And, if you have your doubts about why fat is so good for you, because for years everyone in the world has told you that eating fat is good for your heart, consider this: we now live in a society where animal fat is considered bad, and has been removed from many foods. We have replaced it with sugar and vegetable oils heated on high, and yet our heart condition rates continue to rise. Yet folks who have recorded indigenous cultures have found that, when eating a traditional diet, they consume A LOT of fat (the inuit eat an almost 100% fat diet!) and have virtually no heart disease. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The Key: EAT REAL FOOD. Grass fed, pastured, raw, and organic. Avoid processed foods such as sugars, margarin, etc. It worked for millennia! And it works now. Don’t knock it till you try it!

For more information on the faulty science that led to the widespread belief that fat is bad, click here

For more information on the nourish traditions diet, click here


Bronze Age Folks Ate Nettle Stew Whaaaat?

Cool new archeological excavation found that bronze age families sat down for a delicious bowl of stinging nettle stew.

check out the article here!

Stinging nettle is highly nutrition, and useful. You can use fibres in the stalk to twist rope.

You can also eat the young leaves during the springtime, by drying them or cooking them to get rid of the hairs. It’s a plant incredibly high in iron, so really good for ya! It also helps clean up your blood in the spring time.

In the fall, after the plant has gone to seed, you can gather the leaves, which will be high in silica, and make tea that you can use as a conditioner.

And even better, it grows in every roadside ditch and in riparian areas.


Arctic Polygons

How Freaking Beautiful Is That?

How does this happen?


  • In the winter the cold causes the frozen soil to shrink, and cracks form.
  • In the spring, the active layer melts and water seeps down into the cracks. It freezes and expands when it is chilled by the still-frozen soil. The frozen water forms wedges of ice in the soil.
  • The active layer and the tops of the ice wedges melt in the summer, adding more water.
  • Each winter, cracks form again in the same places, and in the spring, more water enters and enlarges the ice wedges as the freezing water expands.
  • This cycle of crack, melt, and freeze enlarges the wedges year by year until the soil above them is pushed up, forming a blocky pattern of ridges on the ground called polygons.


Herbal Hair Treatments

Lately I’ve been attempted to wean my hair off shampoo and conditioner, after reading a few articles about neurotoxins present in most non-organic AND organic hair treatments. Basically any bottle of shampoo and condish that says ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ is using chemicals that can be harmful to your brain, your body, and the environment.

Lets be real, folks; if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be rubbing it on your skin, breathing it in, or cleaning your house with it.

So, as my friend Merilee recommended, I began using baking soda, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. This has been working incredibly well. My hair feels cleaner then it ever has with shampoo and conditioner, I can wait longer between washes, and I don’t get hardly any flaky bits at all!

There has been on catch however: because I haven’t been using conditioner, my hair hasn’t been as smooth. It’s been frizz central. So, tonight, I decided that it might be time to try putting some rosemary oil in my hair. I took a little cap full, rubbed it in my hands, and then rubbed it in my hair. And, after I did that, I noticed that the bottle mentioned that rosemary oil is good for hair and scalp treatment! Sometimes, your body just knows. Anyways, hope this is informative/inspires some change in your hair care products!

Oh, The Hippies

Yes. Grief I get. Feeling sadness over the loss of old growth eco systems I get. But this? A little much. Part of our job on this earth is being accessible to everyone. This? Not so much.

Eat Well Guide

A great website that lets you put in what quality of food your looking for, and where you live. This is where I found my local organic grass fed meat supplier! Click here for the link.

sweet home birth article

This article outlines some incredibly interesting information. Statisticians that sought to prove that home births were dangerous have found the opposite. In fact, home births have less complications for both mother and child, proving that the less intervention during a birth, the better. Check out the article here.