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Dream catcher

I wanted to do something else for my sweetie, and wanted to use those plant presses I had made before. So I attached them to a home made dream catcher. I added shells, sea glass, and washers that Luke’s sister had in her beading trays.
I think it turned out pretty good!



Plant press with a twist

My buddy Luke’s sister, who we are staying with in L.A. had this great idea for plant presses with fimo. They are beautiful, and are a fun way to infuse nature into your home. It’s simple: collect some plants (I did sequoia, California live oak, and lavender) press them into some fimo, and bake. I wrote their common name on their back, and they make beads, magnets, and wall hangings. Great gifts!


Teaching outside

My buddy Steve hired me to work some weekend programs for kids. One of my favourite things is coming up with fun and exciting ways to wake them up in the a.m., because we take away their watches. Steve dressed up as a dragonfly with a fox tail, and me as a bear with moose antlers. Both our costumes were home made! Steve
Played guitar while I danced in the twilight, and I think it set the tone just right for the rest of our wilderness adventure. Steve turned to me on the first morning and said:” how could they be expecting this?” Exactly. That’s the whole point! Act in a way that blurs the boundary between kid behaviour and adult behaviour, to show that adults can and still do play. I love my job!


Play Dough

Not just for kids. It’s really fun to make home made play dough and then do some sculpture. And you can make it with things already in your pantry!

1 part flour

1 part water

1/2 part salt

drop of oil

heat in a pot at low heat and mix until its at play dough consistency. Let cool, add food coloring, and model away!

Amazing ads I’m loving right now

Love love love the Lard!! Eating real animal fats is so damn important! 

Great Song… Story of my life

Animal Tracks by Mountain Man

Song by a rad band called Mountain Man, introduced to me by Michelle. Great for lulls during tracking sessions, as well as to get kids jazzed up on singing. I sang this for a whole afternoon with my little buddy Jasper, and then we sang it for his mum and brother, who seemed to love it too. During a CyberTracker evaluation I participated in, half the group broke out into this song after a day identifying elk, beaver, and mole tracks. Sent shivers down my spine! Enjoy!

Click here for Animal Tracks by Mountain Man