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Backyard food!

My parents got married in the backyard of the house where I grew up and where they still live. We have always played in a park out back, and though many things have changed about this park, two giant trees with big red berries in the fall have remained. I remember my uncle Mark hopping out of that tree during a round of hide-and-go-seek, and I remember asking my mom if I could eat those bright red fruit, and she said “no”. Fast forward 10 years, knowing a little bit more about botany than I did then, and these red fruit, now identified as pommes, are in fact from a very much edible crab apple tree. So I went out with my mama ad harvested a whole bunch, despite my mom’s fear of bees. We then dehydrated them. My sister hates them, I love them, and they will make a sweet source of carbs for our summer adventure, plus a solid food source in urban spaces.



The summer project

So about this summer projects I’ve been babbling on about! My buddy Luke and I have decided to spend a month of our upcoming summer going completely paleo. This involves us making all our tools and clothing in advance, as well as wild harvesting food to keep our energy up at the beginning of the trip. This idea is inspired by lynx Vilden’s Stone Age living project, but with our own twist: we wanted to be in our own ecosystem in our own backyard.
Some of the projects we have to take on include:
– making buckskin clothing
– making clay pots
– wool blankets and sweaters
– fishing gear, hunting gear
– enough wild plants, meat and fat to make it a month
– stone and bone knives and tools
– other niknaks such as rope, combs, etc.

We’ve been preparing since last summer, but still have a good two solid months of work ahead, starting in May. Should be a hoot. Any thoughts about this? I want to know what you think!

I go nuts for walnuts

My buddy luke and I are preparing for a full paleo summer, where we will go out with only food and tools we’ve wild harvested. In prep for this, we’ve been doing a lot of wild harvesting. So I went out with my friend Steve to harvest walnuts that look like tennis balls. It’s hard to find them under the trees but mic easier to find them in squirrel middens!!! (Like stealing walnuts from a squirrel). I filled a couple of bags and went to work, husking them, and turning my hands black. They are now drying in my laundry room, and are soon ready to crack.


Getting tanned

Here is a picture of hides tanned over the summer using natural methods and soap and oil in replacement of brains. It took a long ass time but was most definitely worth it, because I will be making a full outfit (dress, pants, underwear and shoes). I still have a couple more to do, but will freeze tan them. More to come on that


Play Dough

Not just for kids. It’s really fun to make home made play dough and then do some sculpture. And you can make it with things already in your pantry!

1 part flour

1 part water

1/2 part salt

drop of oil

heat in a pot at low heat and mix until its at play dough consistency. Let cool, add food coloring, and model away!

Bronze Age Folks Ate Nettle Stew Whaaaat?

Cool new archeological excavation found that bronze age families sat down for a delicious bowl of stinging nettle stew.

check out the article here!

Stinging nettle is highly nutrition, and useful. You can use fibres in the stalk to twist rope.

You can also eat the young leaves during the springtime, by drying them or cooking them to get rid of the hairs. It’s a plant incredibly high in iron, so really good for ya! It also helps clean up your blood in the spring time.

In the fall, after the plant has gone to seed, you can gather the leaves, which will be high in silica, and make tea that you can use as a conditioner.

And even better, it grows in every roadside ditch and in riparian areas.


Home Made Decorations

So, christmas is coming up. As a jew, this means that I get to spend hannukah with my family, and christmas with my friends, which is most definitely an advantage. But it also means we all get to think about how to make nature based, and FUN decorations for the house, and the tree!

My friend Michelle showed me how to do this, and i absolutely love it. It’s so simple! You just gather rose hips, string em up like popcorn with a needle and threat, et voila!