About me

Hi, folks, and welcome.

My name is Sheina. I’m just a young doe, at the tender age of 22. I’m a student in the city of Montreal, where I grew up, and where my family lives. However, unlike most city folk, I’ve had a little bit of a different upbringing. At the age of 18, I took off to Tom Brown Jr.’s tracker school, where I got a taste for wilderness survival, and earth living. After college, at 19, I headed to the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA, where I spent my first year in their residential program, and my second year as a teachers apprentice in their youth programs, mentoring pre schoolers and teens a few days a week. I also developed a solid foundation for naturalist skills, as a tracker and a botany geek. But my real passions lay in hard skills; basket weaving, bow building, hunting and fishing, primitive fire, etc.

I am now looking to implement these skills in an urban context. Join me as I give you the details on my projects, from food fermenting to dumpster diving, and everything in between, including mentoring the teens I work with, and personal challenges I face while I walk in the urban world, and the natural world, at the same time.


One response to “About me

  1. Hey Sheina!
    I love the picture of us you put on your blog! I feel so cool 😉
    This website is great! Hope you post some awesome facts about diverse mammals that live in rural areas and country…I would love to learn about that! And about the magic of plants.

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