Working through the b.s.

Luke and I went camping to bring in the new year, and had quite the mishap. We arrived at the trail head at 3am and decided to sleep there before hiking in in the morning. We laid out our sleeping bags, and since it wasn’t raining, figured we would be fine with a “just in case” tarp rolled up at our feet to pull on top of us. If you’ve done this, you would know: it never works. The condensation just accumulates under the tarp, and there you are, soaking wet, with a wet tarp laid over you like a blanket. Obviously, it rained. We retreated to the car, cold, wet and dehydrated, deciding what to do. We talked about going home. And then, we looked at each other and said: are we being babies about this? And right there, it was settled. We were hiking down to that beach. We rehydrated, napped, layered up, and boy was it worth it. We had the beach to ourselves for 2 whole hours, and then climbed up to a cliff and watched the sun set on the last day of 2012 over the Pacific Ocean. And you know what? I’m glad we can challenge each other and decide to do things we might quit on if we were alone. That’s what makes Luke and me such good friends.
We didn’t get pictures, and I’m glad. It was out moment.


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