The summer project

So about this summer projects I’ve been babbling on about! My buddy Luke and I have decided to spend a month of our upcoming summer going completely paleo. This involves us making all our tools and clothing in advance, as well as wild harvesting food to keep our energy up at the beginning of the trip. This idea is inspired by lynx Vilden’s Stone Age living project, but with our own twist: we wanted to be in our own ecosystem in our own backyard.
Some of the projects we have to take on include:
– making buckskin clothing
– making clay pots
– wool blankets and sweaters
– fishing gear, hunting gear
– enough wild plants, meat and fat to make it a month
– stone and bone knives and tools
– other niknaks such as rope, combs, etc.

We’ve been preparing since last summer, but still have a good two solid months of work ahead, starting in May. Should be a hoot. Any thoughts about this? I want to know what you think!


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