Dumpster diving

Whenever I visit my crew outside Seattle on the west coast I’m always excited and amazed at how much food comes out of big dumpsters we visit on Friday nights. This food goes to feed us, but also our chickens, ducks, and rabbits. With composting bins these days, it makes it even easier to grab rabbit food, though beware of stinky dumpster juice on your clothes, which Charlie whined about until it finally got wiped off on the side of the dumpster. The food we get is almost never expired, almost always wrapped in something, and organic. We’ve had whole paleo diet turkey dinners this way, free of charge. Better yet, we help feed other members of my community, and have to come up with new recipes based on the food we get. It makes life VERY simple, and helps us reduce our food waste, because we are eating… Ummm… Waste!

In one five hour trip, we have enough to feed a household of five and several animals for over a week!


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