The Delicious Mints

Mints are a huge family of plants, and they’re pretty easy to identify. They all have square stems, opposite leaves, and tend to be fragrant. They also have flowers that often look like mouths, known as bilabiate, and the flowers are found on the top of plant. And, lucky for us, most of them are edible, and none of them will kill you!

The other cool thing about mints is that they are incredibly easy to grow, both in your garden, and all over abandoned or disturbed fields. They’re easy to find easy to harvest, and you don’t need to be too concerned about over harvesting, because mints will proliferate if you harvest a lot of them! They’re a plant that loves neglect.

Use your mints for cooking, and for tea. Mints are especially good for stimulating digestion. Many mints also tend to calm people down, like catnip and lemon balm, which are known as nervines, for their smoothing effect on the nerves. Mostly, it’s just exciting to find/grow spices that are so easily recognizable by many.


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