Eating Good Fats

Here is the food pyramid that I abide by. As you can see, a majority of this pyramid is dedicated to delicious, and nutritious fats. This is because fat is incredibly important to your body! Indeed, eating fats from animals provides our body with nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that are not easily absorbed from plants. Also, it helps us better absorb plant nutrients.

Furthermore, eating fats keep you full longer because its so nutrient rich, and thus keeps your from eating foods that aren’t so good for you. And, if you have your doubts about why fat is so good for you, because for years everyone in the world has told you that eating fat is good for your heart, consider this: we now live in a society where animal fat is considered bad, and has been removed from many foods. We have replaced it with sugar and vegetable oils heated on high, and yet our heart condition rates continue to rise. Yet folks who have recorded indigenous cultures have found that, when eating a traditional diet, they consume A LOT of fat (the inuit eat an almost 100% fat diet!) and have virtually no heart disease. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The Key: EAT REAL FOOD. Grass fed, pastured, raw, and organic. Avoid processed foods such as sugars, margarin, etc. It worked for millennia! And it works now. Don’t knock it till you try it!

For more information on the faulty science that led to the widespread belief that fat is bad, click here

For more information on the nourish traditions diet, click here


2 responses to “Eating Good Fats

  1. You had me with avocado picture….YESSS…I LOVE AVOCADO WITH ALL MY HEART! It’s my favourite food!

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