Making It Through Stressful Moments

Woo. Midterms are a killer. Sorry I haven’t been posting, folks. I’ve been trying to survive the midterm rush. One more week to go! But, the question is, how do you eat good food, get good sleep, spend some time in fresh air, and get your booty shaking, while getting through a work project, intense study sessions, or raising kids, or any other important and incredibly time consuming things you are up to?

Well, there’s no easy way. But you do need to put some effort into it, or you will most likely get sick. Here are some thoughts.

1. Make time to eat. Sometimes, you don’t have time to cook. But it’s likely that somewhere in your neighbourhood theres a delicious food joint that makes healthy, wholesome food. Take out, but don’t eat in the car. Take time to eat for yourself.

2. Take time to walk. During exams, I make it a point to walk to school. Having a stroll in the mornings (or afternoons) helps your mind focus, and forces you to get your blood pumping.

3. Commune with nature. I know. So corny. But man does it feel good to say good morning to the silver maple in front of my apartment, the ostrich fern my neighbours planted, or the chickadee that sometimes frequents my parents yard. Just say hi! It’ll remind you that theres a whole world out there.


Cheers folks! Wish me luck!


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