Herbal Hair Treatments

Lately I’ve been attempted to wean my hair off shampoo and conditioner, after reading a few articles about neurotoxins present in most non-organic AND organic hair treatments. Basically any bottle of shampoo and condish that says ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ is using chemicals that can be harmful to your brain, your body, and the environment.

Lets be real, folks; if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be rubbing it on your skin, breathing it in, or cleaning your house with it.

So, as my friend Merilee recommended, I began using baking soda, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. This has been working incredibly well. My hair feels cleaner then it ever has with shampoo and conditioner, I can wait longer between washes, and I don’t get hardly any flaky bits at all!

There has been on catch however: because I haven’t been using conditioner, my hair hasn’t been as smooth. It’s been frizz central. So, tonight, I decided that it might be time to try putting some rosemary oil in my hair. I took a little cap full, rubbed it in my hands, and then rubbed it in my hair. And, after I did that, I noticed that the bottle mentioned that rosemary oil is good for hair and scalp treatment! Sometimes, your body just knows. Anyways, hope this is informative/inspires some change in your hair care products!


One response to “Herbal Hair Treatments

  1. Dr Bronners and coconut oil have worked wonderfully for me. I am very fond of the scent of rosemary though, I’ll try the oil sometime.

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