Living Organisms in my Kitchen AKA Sauerkraut

So you might live in a city. Like me. And like me, theres a chance that whatever parks around you have are probably not very bio diverse. That doesn’t mean that your kitchen eco-system is bland, too!

One of my favourite ways to cultivate my interior ecosystem is to ferment food. In the book “Wild Fermentation” Sandor Katz stated “Biodiversity is just as important at the micro-level. Call it micro-biodiversity. Your body is an ecosystem that can function most effectively when populated by diverse species of micro-organisms…by fermenting food and drinks with wild microorganisms present in your home environment, you become more interconnected with the life forces of the world around you. Your environment becomes you, as you invite the microbial populations you share the earth with to enter your diet and your intestinal ecology.”

This week, in my CSA basket, I got a beautiful cabbage. As a locavore and a practitioner of the Nourishing Traditions diet, this definitely meant SAUERKRAUT TIME!

here is my recipe

enough grated cabbage to fill a well packed large mouthed ball jar

1 tablespoon caraway seeds

2 tablespoons of salt

step 1. mix the cabbage, caraway, and salt in a bowl.

step 2. pound the crap out of your cabbage. This breaks down the fibers of the cabbage, and helps release the juices will be crucial to the fermentation process.

step 3. put the mixture in your ball jar, juices included, and pack it down tight. If there is no liquid covering the cabbage, add some water.

step 4. seal the jar, and let it sit for 3 days. At the end of day 3, put it in the fridge, and eat whenever.

NB the longer you let the sauerkraut sit in cold storage, the better it will be.



One response to “Living Organisms in my Kitchen AKA Sauerkraut

  1. northernnarratives

    My grandmother used to make sauerkraut. Thanks for bringing back good memories! Judy

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