Relaxing time

This is what my summer looked like: Sitting on the lake, reading books, for hours on end. This is what folks who are familiar with the medicine wheel call ‘South West Time’. Every day, every year, and every lifetime comes a time when you just need to wander and relax, do nothing, and veg out. In a day, this may be siesta time; that two o’clock feeling when all you want to do is lay down. Or that time of year, when you’re waiting for the food you’ve worked so hard to plant to be ready to harvest. Or, in your lifetime, that stage when you are no longer a teenager, not yet an adult, and you wander the landscape and try new things to figure yourselves out.

People often underestimate South West time, but it’s actually crucial to brain development. You can’t keep learning if you don’t take a break. Your brain (and body) need time to encode all the things you’ve learned, and turn them into a part of who you are.

So, this summer, I took my time, slept a lot, and encoded, in order to be prepared for a new school year. Hope you did too!


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