Aplodontia Challenge

Here in the Pacific Northwest, there is this great little primitive rodent called an aplodontia, also known as a Mountain Beaver, thought it looks nothing like a beaver. Well, its been hanging out near our schools kitchen, gathering avens and buttercup, herb robert, and thimbleberries, and bringing it back to the den its working on. Before the aplo-ditty came out, I challenged the adults in the group I was working in to touch it. And, the next morning, there was the aplodontia with all of us watching it in full activity, and one of the participants did it! Woot Woot!

To ID an Aplodontia rufa, look for the bald spots under its ears, and clipped sword fern around its home. They really are quite cute!



3 responses to “Aplodontia Challenge

  1. Well there are none of those guys out here but I did just this morning pet a northern pocket gopher!! Way cool! Check out his pic drawing in mammals of n. a. 🙂 petting a mountain beaver is pretty cool too though :p

  2. That may be the cutest “rat” I have ever seen.

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