Remember that big weeping willow from Pocahontas? Thats not what I’m talking about! I’m talking about the shrubby tree that beavers love, grows in ditches in roadsides, and along rivers and streams. Not only highly medicinal, this tree is an amazing for crafts as well.

Here are some of the uses:

1. Twigs and bark, when harvested in the springtime, are full of aspirina, a chemical that helps relieve pain. However, unlike aspirin, which is derived from this plant, it has chemicals in it that protects your stomach lining, making it safer than aspirin..

2. Bark, when retted (boiled with ash), can be twisted into cordage.

3. Shoots can be used to weave baskets, fish weirs, dream catchers, etc.

4. Thicker willow can be used for making bow drill kits, too!!

Make sure you are harvesting willow, and not cottonwood. More to come about cottonwood, another wonderful plant!


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