There’s books written about it. You can buy its oil at the health food store. And it’s a staple in the pacific northwest. Bust cedar is an amazing plant that I’ve used all over North America.

There are many varieties of cedar in North America, all with distinct leaves that you probably already recognize. Here are some of its major uses.

1. Cedar wood is great for bow drill kits. It’s not too easy, not too hard, so it’s great for learning

2. Cedar bark is great tinder for starting fires. Just run it between your fingers and it will turn all soft.

3. You can make clothes out of cedar! Here’s a link to how

4. I’ve used the rootlets and the bark for baskets. (Post about this to come)

5. You can soak hides in cedar bark water to dye it/ tan it

6. You can stick a few frawns in your apple cider in the fall. This is simple! Before you go out in the morning, put some freshly squeezed apple juice, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger in your crock pot. Add a few cedar frawns, and enjoy when you get home

7. My mentor Nate gave me a great recipe for a little concoction that I take when I feel that I’m getting sick. Place garlic, cayenne, and some cedar frawns in a jar of apple cider vinegar. Let it sit for a month. Add a few teaspoons to a cup of warm water. It’s intense, but it works.

ONE CAUTION ABOUT CEDAR: Don’t take it when you’re already sick, as it will make your illness last longer. And don’t take too much: The tannic acids can be harmful in large doses.


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