Tracking Wolves

I’ve just returned from one of the wildest places in North America, the lodgepole pine forest of Central Idaho. There, we tracked wolves, played in cold mountain streams, had snow fights during warm sunny days at high elevations, saw bear poop, wolf tracks, a badger, porcupines, jumping mice, american martens, and many other wild creatures.

But what really makes an epic journey is not the journey itself, but the ability to tell one’s story around a fire at the end of the day. I’m thankful for the people here I consider family, who are willing to break open poop to figure out what the wolves are eating, stick their ear to the ground to hear a badger dig, and flash a little jumping mouse who was winking at us.

and most of all, I’m thankful for magical places.

(pictures to come)

for more information, check out Wilderness Awareness School’s wolf tracking expeditions, for teens and adults.


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