Are You A Diva?

A few years ago, I remember my mom mentioning that if our society truly was equal between men and women, pads and tampons would be subsidized by the government. Though you may not necessarily agree with this statement, its true that feminine products can get quite pricey. I remember spending 30$ a month on pads and tampons! But its been 3 years since I’ve spent any money on feminine products for my moon time. The reason? Simple. I use a reusable menstrual cup. During my period, I stick it in there, and empty it out at my leisure. Then, I wash it out with soap, and do it again. At the end of my period, I boil it for about 15 minutes, and it’s once again ready to use. To my knowledge there are no cases of toxic shock from this device, nor is there bleach or other chemicals leaching into your body from tampons or pads. Another plus? It’s easy on the environment, and your wallet.

They come in two sizes: 1, for pre-children, and 2, for post-children.

I will say it takes a few weeks to get use to it. But now, I love it.


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