Ranger Camp

This week I’ve been helping out a ranger camp, basically a camp where a bunch of kids put on cloaks, make little bows and play war. We’ve been taking them out to the woods, teaching them about bird language, hiding, and edible plants, all good skills for a ranger to know. It’s crazy how many avenues there are for teaching nature connection. Through this series of books, the rangers apprentice, kids are learning archery, animal tracking, hiding, botany, interpersonal communication, bird calls, and much, much more. The kicker? Kids are made for playing outside, and they will find any avenue to learn about the woods in any way possible. The other kicker? No matter what age, boys (and some girls, of course) are meant to play war, in order to get out aggression.

We’ll, we’re off for our overnight, blindfolded drum stalk, and a general fun evening in the woods. Cheers!


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