The Wonders of Dandy Lions

One of my very favourite edible plants, dandelions are known for their ability to stimulate the liver, the kidneys, and the bladder. I’ve heard from at least 2 herbalists that if you eat 2 dandelion leaves a day, our kidneys will be happy, and thus so will be the rest of your body. I like to stir-fry my dandys, or steep them in my tea. I’ve also battered and fried the dandelion flower heads, and have read that italians often put them in their salad.

ID: toothed leaves, without hair. One flower per flower stalk. 

Two things you should DEFINITELY try with dandelions

1. Dandelion pesto. Place dandelions, olive oil, and garlic in your food processor, then into an ice tray to freeze. Pull out to spread on toast or pasta

2. Dandelion mead. 1 part honey, 7 parts water, a handful of dandelions, in a bowl, covered with a cloth. Mix several times a day for 7 days. Sweet, and delicious.


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